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Now accepting fiction & memoirs

Grand Prize

Entry Requirements

Enter online by submitting your entry along with a .pdf copy of your book; then mail a print copy by regular mail. If you are not located in the United States, you can send an author copy via your distributor. 

Entries must include the Entry Form, PayPal receipt for American Eagle Book Awards, and one print copy and one .pdf copy of each book submitted. Entry form must be printed on one side of 8-1/2 x 11 white paper and included with the print book. We will only accept entries published in the United States. Books will not be returned and will be donated to help rural libraries along with a percentage of proceeds.

Your entry must be original, in English, published in the United States, have an ISBN number, and available for purchase.

Click here to enter your book (books) for the 2020 American Eagle Book Awards.

Payment must be received for your registration to be complete. Entry forms postmarked by the due-date will be accepted.

For additional assistance, please contact us by email at: [email protected]

How to Send:

We recommend shipping books with Entry Form and PayPal receipt using U.S. Flat Rate Box/Priority Mail. Please be sure to use correct postage when mailing your books. Incorrect postage could result in a delay in processing your entry or possibly forfeiting the entry deadline. Do not send your books requiring a signature as this too may cause a delay in the processing of your entry.  If you are not located in the United States, you can send an author copy via your distributor (IngramSpark, KDP, etc.). 

Please arrange for tracking of your package.

Address for shipping:
American Eagle Book Awards
P.O. Box 453
Kendall, NY 14476


All submissions must be received by August 31, 2020. Register and submit your print and .pdf copy for evaluation.

Print Books: one copy of each book entered should be mailed to our New York office accompanied by an entry form and your online receipt.

American Eagle Book Awards
PO Box 453
Kendall, NY 14476

One copy of the .pdf submission should be emailed to: [email protected]
You will be notified by email when we receive your entry.



To ensure every entry receives the dedication and gentle handling of your precious stories, we pick the winners. Our final judging process will be based on the following criteria: editorial excellence, readability, originality, and content.

Official Rules:

  • All final entries and payment must be received no later than August 31, 2020
  • All payments must be made through PayPal.
  • All entries are finals. There will be no refunds.
  • American Eagle Book Awards reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed ineligible.
  • All entrants will be notified by email when their entry and/or payment has been received.
  • All Medalist Winners will be notified by email by the last quarter of 2020
  • Physical books will not be returned. They will be donated to rural libraries
  • All shipping and handling costs must be covered by the entrant.

Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded for both fiction and memoir categories with one Grand Prize Winner.

Winners Announced:

Winners will notified by email and announced in the last quarter 2020 on our website and FaceBook page.